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Slip-And-Fall Accident In St. Paul? Contact Our Lawyers.

When a person owns property, they have a responsibility to keep it safe, especially if they intend other people to use it. When owners of stores, parking lots, apartment buildings, etc. allow obvious hazards on their properties, they can cause terrible injuries.

Helping Victims Of Injuries In Accidents

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you or your family may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. You could get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any other consequences. Contact the Law Office of Thomas B. Schway at 888-556-3551 and speak with a lawyer about your case, free of charge.

Types Of Slip-And-Fall Cases

There are many types of incidents that can make for valid slip and fall cases, including:

  • Slips in standing pools of water
  • Falls from holes in floors or pavement
  • Falling merchandise
  • Slips on accumulations of ice or snow
  • Poorly maintained stairways and/or railings

Of course, there are many other factors at play. For example, if you fell in a store or other establishment that is supposed to serve the public, you are more likely to have a good case than if you were trespassing on private land.

Legally, slip and fall cases fall under the category of premises liability. Premises liability covers any case of a property owner having avoidable hazards associated with their property. Other premises liability cases can involve dog bites — anyone who owns a dog has a responsibility to make sure it doesn’t hurt people.

Contact Our Attorneys If You Have Suffered A Slip-And-Fall Injury

No matter what your situation is, it can be difficult to try to figure out on your own whether you have a case. Rely on our lawyers, in a free initial consultation, to help you figure it out. Contact us online or call 888-556-3551 right away.