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Helping Victims Of Construction Site Injuries In Pursue Compensation

Workers’ compensation is intended to provide adequate coverage for construction workers who are hurt while on the job. In return for having access to the workers’ compensation system, these employees forfeit their right to pursue certain lawsuits against their employer if they are hurt at work.

Working To Recover The Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Deserve

The workers’ compensation system provides funds for medical bills, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disability. It is designed to supply injured workers and their families with much-needed financial assistance during very difficult times. You are entitled to these benefits regardless of whether or not your own negligence contributed to the injuries.

Unfortunately, both employers and insurance companies sometimes deny injured workers their workers’ compensation benefits for a variety of reasons. The primary motivation behind these denials is always the same: cutting costs. Do not be intimidated. If you have been seriously injured on the job and denied workers’ compensation benefits, the Law Office of Thomas B. Schway can help secure the funds you and your family so desperately need.

Filing Private Lawsuits After A Construction Accident

Although construction workers are for the most part barred from suing their employer after a construction accident, they may be able to bring a lawsuit against another responsible person or company in order to secure additional compensation. This legal concept is known as third party liability.

Construction is, by nature, a dangerous business. It does not need to be made more dangerous by obvious hazards and negligent activity on the part of other contractors working at the same site. We will advise you on all potential third party liability claims and benefits available.

In all of the above situations, a construction worker may be able to bring a lawsuit to recover additional financial benefits above and beyond any workers’ compensation payments.

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