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Injured By A Dog Bite In St. Paul, Minnesota Area?

Minnesota law states that dog owners are legally responsible for their animals. Accordingly, if a dog bites someone or knocks them down, the owner will be required to compensate the victim in most cases. This compensation will almost always come from a homeowners’ insurance policy.

If you or a family member has been injured by a dog bite — or knocked down and injured by a dog — talk to attorneys who are knowledgeable about dog bite cases in Minnesota.

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Compensation For Serious Injuries After An Animal Attack

Dog bites can cause serious muscle or nerve damage to the face, arms, hands, legs or torso. These injuries often require multiple surgeries and may result in lasting scars that cause a great deal of pain and have a lasting effect on the victim’s self-esteem.

Such serious injuries can have a major financial impact in terms of medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, with limited exceptions, Minnesota law makes dog owners legally responsible for any injuries their dogs cause.

At the Law Office of Thomas B. Schway, we retain the services of necessary experts to present a complete picture of the financial losses associated with a major dog bite injury. We also work with plastic surgeons, neurologists, psychologists and other medical personnel to illustrate the severity of any injuries.

Will The Owner’s Homeowners’ Insurance Pay For The Injuries?

In many cases, the dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy will cover your injuries as a premises liability claim. However, time is of the essence. It is extremely important to get an early consultation from experienced personal injury lawyers who can evaluate the strength of your legal claim.

Please note, not all dog bite incidents make for good personal injury cases. If the dog was a stray or if the owner does not have homeowners’ insurance, it may be more difficult to obtain compensation. If you get an early case evaluation, you will be able to make concrete plans about how to handle the financial aftermath of a serious dog bite injury.

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