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3 mistakes people make after a Minnesota car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even if someone theoretically knows what to do after a car crash, is easy to make a mistake in such a stressful situation. People become emotional and sometimes a bit irrational because of the stress and surprise experienced during a crash. As a result, it’s smart for drivers to have a mental list of steps to take after an accident.

It is equally important for drivers to know what mistakes they should intentionally avoid after a motor vehicle collision. The three mistakes below can all negatively impact someone’s rights after a major crash.

1. Moving the vehicles before documenting the scene

Especially if a crash occurs someplace with a lot of traffic, like a busy intersection, or high traffic speeds, like an interstate, drivers may panic and try to move their vehicles as quickly as possible following a collision.

Unfortunately, doing so can leave some people at a disadvantage after the crash. When the drivers involved provide conflicting answers about what led to the collision, information about the aftermath of the crash, including video and photos of the placement of the vehicles, could help someone prove what really happened.

2. Agreeing not to notify the police

Sometimes, the person obviously at fault for a crash will try to convince the other driver to not report the collision to the state. However, Minnesota law is quite clear about reporting requirements, and those who do not file a police report may have a very hard time getting compensation through the civil courts or an insurance company later.

3. Choosing to forgo a medical evaluation

Crashes often lead to dramatic injuries that require immediate trauma care. They can also cause injuries that have delayed symptoms.

People stressed about their schedule or their finances might try to tell themselves they don’t need to see a doctor after a crash. That choice could make it much harder for them to get compensation later.

When Minnesota drivers have a plan to protect themselves and take thoughtful steps after a crash, they can minimize the likelihood of experiencing financial hardship because of a collision. It should additionally be noted that getting professional help can be as important as taking proactive and informed first steps after a major motor vehicle collision.